Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Ark Arrives!

Artist Beth Derbyshire opens The Ark

In November 2012 seven artists embarked on a journey of discovery in the Pennine landscape. Each artist had been chosen for their unique skills and interest in creating work in response to stories and conversations. Each of the seven were given one park across Pennine Lancashire to become resident in for three weeks, between them covering Marsden Park, Corporation Park, Stubbylee Park, Fox Hill Bank, Brun Valley Forest Park, Brungerley Park and Cross Hill Quarry. During that time they had in depth conversations with over 700 people about why they used the parks, their thoughts on the landscape they lived in and their connection to it.

This Monday saw the culmination of the Exploring Landscapes project with the unveiling of The Ark.  Created by artist Beth Derbyshire, The Ark responds to the research carried out by the Exploring Landscapes team and builds upon their findings to produce a floating interactive sculpture that has the potential to reach thousands.

Seen from the tow path The Ark appears as a wooden house floating on a boat, representing the terraced housing so abundant in Pennine Lancashire. The sides of the house are intricately cut into shapes referencing Islamic textile patterns, the main wall being carved in a paisley pattern.

The Ark
The roof of The Ark is created from a living meadow and ecosystem, a symbol of the flower rich grasslands of the region's disused quarries. This enchanting green spectacle will contrast with the factories and mills it passes on its journey down the industrial pathway of the canal. The Ark reflects on the historical purpose of the canal as an industrial pathway that transported local materials and linked communities together, leaving a rich social, cultural and historic legacy in the area

Housed inside this structure is a film wall showing five newly commissioned films collectively called The Keepers. The films follow a series of local people who have a special connection to the area, taking us on a journey to explore how their stories inextricably link them to the surrounding landscape.

As the sculpture travels down its ten mile journey on the canal it will moor up in the communities it passes, inviting people to step on board and experience the films first hand. As well as travelling on the canal, The Ark structure will also mysteriously appear in Blackburn and Burnley town centres as it passes by, bringing an evocative sense of the landscape directly into these urban town spaces.

To celebrate the completion of The Ark there will be a series of events throughout Pennine Lancashire starting in Blackburn on Thursday 23rd May and finishing in Brierfield on Thursday 6th June.

For more information on The Ark visit

More information about The Ark and more images will appear in this issue of Pixel Magazine

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Wonders Start Here!

Today sees the start of the Festival of Wonders.  Right across Pennine Lancashire museums, libraries and other venues are opening their doors to deliver a wide range of arts, exhibitions and entertainment.

Have a look at the programme there is sure to be something that you would like to visit.  You never know, you may meet a Pixel photographer!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Delaying the issue!

Our regular readers may have noticed that our May/June issue has not yet been uploaded and released.  We have a good reason for this.

During the next week several fantastic events are taking place throughout Pennine Lancashire.  These are the excellent Festival of Wonders that you can’t help but notice being posted all over our blog and the Launch of The Ark.

So we’ve take the decision to delay this issue by a couple of weeks to bring you coverage of these excellent happenings in our area.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Festival of Wonders starts with a bang!

Pennine Lancashire's Festival of Wonders gets underway this Thursday with a plethora of events to suit everybody. 

Gain an insight to the life, times and music of the Accrington Pals complete with archive film footage and East Lancashire Concert Band.

Take a walk on the scary side with Simon Entwistle's Walking with Ghosts from Blackburn Library or visit a Victoria Magic Lantern Show.  Click the list below to see a larger version!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Wonders are upon us!

Our friends at Creativity Works and their partners are bringing a very special festival to the Pennine Lancashire area.

15 venues are hosting 20 events including musical
performances, evening tours, childrens’ events, workshops,
talks and lectures.

Whether you live or work in Pennine Lancashire or are
visiting for the day, the Festival of Wonders promises to
be a great 3 days celebrating what makes this wonderful
place so special.  More details on every event can be found at

The festival begins on the 16th May and continues through until the 18th May.

Full details of events and venues will be posted here in the next couple of days and of course, we will be there to remind of the upcoming events.